What happened to working hard, going to school, learning a trade, reading a book, getting some training, etc. so you can move ahead in your life? What happened to personal responsibility?

Read some excerpts from this DS News article below in regards to housing. It has suddenly become the government’s responsibility to take care of housing for everyone. It is just ridiculous! You will see my comments throughout the article in italics. – Greg

HUD Secretary Castro: Country is Experiencing an Affordable Housing Crisis

The future of housing in America can seem so close, yet so far away, but government officials and housing experts are already hot on the case making their evaluations of the present state of the market and predictions for the future.


             HUD Secretary Julián Castro

HUD Secretary Julián Castro discussed the future of housing Wednesday in a discussion forum, which highlighted issues surrounding affordable housing across America.

In the discussion, Secretary Castro first addressed the state of the housing market today by shining some light on the headliner topic of affordability issues.

“We are in a much better place nationally in terms of our housing market than we were a few years ago when we went through the housing crisis… in terms of home sales, home values, and levels of foreclosures, we are much stronger today than we were a few years ago,” Secretary Castro noted.

Secretary Castro then began to discuss the larger issue on everyone’s mind: affordable housing. In addition, he talked about housing trends  among older Americans. (I would have to disagree. Affordable housing is not on everyone’s mind. Only those looking for a handout from the government.)

Other speakers noted that the problem has shifted from demand to supply and is not just within housing itself, but also among inequality in all forms. (Of course, with government officials, it always comes down to being “unfair.” Instead of basing it on the decisions people make, they blame it on their poor luck in life.)

Secretary Castro outlined that HUD’s goal is to provide affordable, accessible, and inclusive communities for all consumers. “Homeownership is at its lowest level in decades. It’s a challenge we need to tackle,” he said. (Why is this? Should we also make Mercedes cars more affordable because we need a nice ride? You can’t make it work for everyone all the time. You can’t expect to own a home if your decisions in life prevent it.)

The aging population also plays an important part in the future of housing. Secretary Castro said in the discussion that not enough preparation has been done to accommodate older Americans. (Once again re-read that statement. Not one mention of personal responsibility but only that the government has not done enough. Sounds like job security for Mr. Castro.)

“Older Americans don’t get enough attention in regards to housing needs,” he said. “We haven’t prepared for people to age…this compounds the affordability crisis attention in housing needs to shift from the Millennials to the baby boomers. There’s value in older adults…we need to cultivate that.” (Same thing as before. I am glad he thinks there is value in older adults, but what does that even mean?)

Despite how bleak the picture may appear, the housing market has made many strides. (Who said it was bleak?)

Rental affordability is a topic that the entire mortgage industry has familiarized itself with as renting is more expensive than buying in most places. “We have a rental affordability crisis in the US,” Secretary Castro explained. (A crisis, really? All of a sudden it’s a crisis.)

There is not one place in the country where consumers can afford to rent a 2-bedroom apartment on a full-time minimum wage salary. (I want to come un-glued with this comment. You are not supposed to be able to live on minimum wage. This is asinine. You are supposed to work hard and better yourself. If you are working for minimum wage past your first or second job, you have failed at bettering yourself.)

The solution to affordable housing for all consumers “will take creativity and new resources to leverage private investment,” Secretary Castro said. (Oh I see, all those who do work hard will have to give up part of their earnings for all of those who do not. Perfect. Funny how easy it is to confiscate others’ money.)

Source: DS News Author Xhevrije West