I traveled to Cuba in the late part of May, which I will give a report on in a future email as it was a fascinating experience to be in a Communist country.  The best way to describe Cuba is that it is frozen in time.  After the revolution in ’59, they never progressed.

Obama copies Cuban strategy for U.S. healthcare.

We really liked our guide, Raul.  He went to college in France where he received a Master’s Degree and he would have never returned except that his mother got sick.  He recently sent us a document (see the PDF at the end of this article) about how they want foreigners to go there and invest.  Here is one of his comments from his email:

“Cuba is going through a new process of changes, concerning foreign investment in the island, that’s why I’m leaving you here an attachment about the foreign investment law in English. This is nothing yet, we know that more opportunities will be created.” 

I have not read the whole 30 pages of this document, but all I can say is – Wow, here goes the next cycle of communism. 

First, they nationalize everything and abscond all of the assets of the people and the country for government control.  Spoils go to the winner.  Of course, while they do that, they tell everyone it is for the good of the country and for the people.

Then they figure out 50 years later that doesn’t work because only the takers are left and no producers.  So they put out a document inviting producers back that has phrases like “Guarantee for Investors” (page 5).  That should sucker some investors/producers back into their country for just enough time to let them rebuild it, so they can have a revolution again.  Hopefully sooner than 50 years from now, so they can repeat the cycle.

This sounds disgustingly familiar to what is happening in the U.S.  Since I need to get some work done today I don’t have the time to list all the examples, but I will leave you with the biggest one of them all.

Healthcare (“Obamacare”) – That’s how our government is absconding, or controlling, 1/6 of the GDP right in front of our faces.  And it was all done by lying through their teeth.  Remember this? “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan, and it will cost $2,500 less per family.”  The reality is that you have no choice but to change health plans, the plan offers you less than before, and it’s triple to quadruple the cost.  By the way, if you don’t pay this tax for healthcare we will fine you.  There is no choice for you and remember, this is for the good of the country and all its people.

Sorry I have to go now because I have to throw-up.

P.S. – Raul was great because he is just one of the people trying to live his life, make some money to get ahead, and hopefully make it better for his kids and the next generation.  It’s just unfortunate he was unlucky and born in Cuba.  We need to get him to the U.S. because he is a producer!


The Document Raul Sent Me