The key words here are “your money,” since the government doesn’t produce anything itself.  It’s really easy to spend other people’s money, especially when there is little accountability.  Here are 10 ridiculous expenses that are horrifying and laughable at the same time.  What’s really scary is that you know there has got to be a ton of wasteful government spending that’s never even made public.

10. In 2010, $615,000 in federal funds were spent to digitize photographs, T-shirts, and concert tickets belonging to the Grateful Dead. Hippies, rejoice!

9. Viva Las Vegas! …and wasteful spending?  $1.8 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars were earmarked for a “museum of neon signs” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

8. In 2015, the Department of Defense approved a $283,500 grant to monitor the day-to-day life of baby gnatcatchers.  That’s sure to be a riveting report!

7. The National Park Service spent $65,473 to find out what would happen when insects used to dark, rural environments suddenly encountered a light.  We never said government employees were the brightest bulbs in the box…

6. Over $800,000 a year is spent storing unused furniture.  Ever heard of Craigslist?

5. Over $1,000,000 was spent for major zoos to create poetry that “increases environmental awareness.”  Yes, you read that right.  No, we still can’t figure out the correlation.

4. Crikey! The Conservation Commission of Monkton, Vermont received $150,000 from the federal government to construct a “critter crossing” for migrating salamanders. 

3. Fishy business: The National Science Foundation granted the University of California San Diego $560,000 to study fish on a treadmill.  You can sleep soundly tonight knowing it was discovered that the mudskipper fish “exercise longer and recover quicker under higher oxygen concentrations.”

2. A glacial-sized waste of money: The National Science Foundation spent $412,000 funding a paper that argues glaciers should be studied from a feminist point of view.

1. And last, but certainly not least: Nearly $150,000 was spent by the National Science Foundation to understand why politics stresses us out. Couldn’t be for any of the reasons listed above…

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