This is Major, pictured in 2018, during another heroic effort: wrangling rogue chickens wandering around the Polo Estates mobile home park.

Some of you might remember Major Hillard, our partner who runs the mobile home park in South Carolina.  We’ve highlighted Major in past investor updates — he’s a great guy with whom we’ve worked for a while.  He was recently the hero in a pretty remarkable story, when he saved the life of 10-month-old Gabriel.  While at a restaurant eating breakfast with his family, young Gabriel began to choke on a piece of pancake.  Thinking quickly, Major got a device called a LifeVac from his car and was able to use it on Gabriel, who at that point had gone unconscious.  The harrowing story has a happy ending thanks to Major’s fast action.

This is little Gabriel pictured with his dad, Jon, after the ordeal.

Major attributes the success of his actions to the LifeVac, which is a suction device that can be placed over a choking person’s mouth to extract a lodged morsel and restore breathing.  It’s easy and quick to use, which makes it especially useful in a choking situation where mere seconds can mean life or death.  In Gabriel’s case, a nurse and a CPR instructor who were both at the restaurant tried to help, but the LifeVac ended up doing the job and saving the day.  It seems well worth it to pick up one to keep on hand — the LifeVac starts at $65, which is a small price to pay for preparedness.

You can read the full story about Major and Gabriel here, and the article includes a video of the whole scary situation and relieving outcome.