This year, 2017, is going to be a different type of year for Hughes Private Capital and the funds we manage.  2016 was a busy, pivotal year and we are extremely excited about what we have built for 2017 and beyond.  There are a few changes we want to update you on.

After talking to people at our events last year and expanding our networking community, we discovered that trying to explain the inner workings of each fund to people is often just too much to absorb.  It would be fine if we had five hours of everyone’s undivided attention, but that’s just not realistic.  People were getting little bits of information about our company, but not enough to fully understand what we do.    

How does one simplify their message?

How does one simplify their message?

In fact, at one of our recent private dinners, someone that had attended a couple of events and dinners said to me, “I finally get what you do.”

Ugh, it should not be so hard for us to explain.  This business of managing funds is the most fun and rewarding work I have done in my life.  However, it is sometimes complicated even for us to figure out, so I can’t imagine what it must sound like to others as we are trying to explain it.

It reminds me of those times I spend hours, or even days, on a spreadsheet and then I show it to Steve and expect him to understand it within ten minutes.  It’s easy to get caught up in what we know and then struggle to communicate it to others in ways they understand.  As Steve often says to me, “I know you wish they could read your mind, but they can’t.”

So we came to the conclusion that there is a real need for us to simplify our marketing message.  When speaking with new investors, we have decided to focus only on our new fund, Guardian.  We will not be marketing ROI Strategies, Assuravest, Sentinel, or   Velocity anymore.  In fact, we are going to make it really simple and no longer accept new investments for these four funds, unless you are an existing investor.

Rest assured, nothing has changed within these funds, nor will we be diverting our attention away from any of them.  We are continuing to manage and operate them as we always have and they are all performing as planned.  Current investors still have the option to invest in them and at some point in the future, these funds will open back up to the public for new investment.  The real change is happening within the marketing department, where we will be focusing on just a single fund, Guardian, when we are talking to new investors, in the hopes of simplifying our message.

If you’d like more of an explanation, please reach out to us!  We are trying to avoid miscommunicating this very important information.

Starting this month, you will notice a change in what is sent out with our monthly newsletter.  The ROI Strategies Sample Capital Statement and performance overview is going away for now.  It  will be replaced by the Guardian Term Sheet and eventually, a Guardian Sample Capital Statement.

Our website is being completely revamped to reflect our changes.  Its debut is probably still a month or two away.  One of its new features will be a “Note Vault” where investors can pick and choose mortgages and 1st Trust Deeds from our inventory to purchase.  Also, there will be an option to sign up for notifications when funds open back up for new investments.

Advanced Commission’s fund will likely open back up on a regularly basis.  About every six to eight weeks, we will have availability for about $100,000 of new money.  We will continue to keep everyone updated on all funds through our Investor Update every month.  Also, the performance charts for each fund will be updated monthly on our website.

Perhaps the biggest change of all is that we are now accepting investments into Guardian with a $10,000 minimum.  We basically decided — “Why not?”

We know that once someone has invested with us, we are able to build up trust and a relationship with them, and they will be happy they invested.  In our 8 years of operation, we have only had 4 investors redeem their money , and all for reasons not attributed to the fund, but rather to their personal lives.  We are very proud of that, and we work hard to always put our investors first in every decision.

We are really excited for 2017 and we hope you are too.  We have a lot of great events planned including our educational series, InvestX, and, of course, the popular Evenings with Visionaries.  We hope you’ll join us.