This is an advertisement from The Owosso Argus-Press – Jan 26, 1970Look at those prices!  A pound of bacon for just $0.67.  And check out those interest rate savings certificates.  Wow, those were the good old days. It is hard to see, but at the bottom of the bank’s advertisement it says “Savings insured up to $20,000 by the F.D.I.C.”  That’s right, $20,000.


Click on the newspaper image above to access the full newspaper.  Be prepared to spend hours reminiscing over the good old days!

Click on the newspaper clipping above to see the rest of the paper, but be prepared to spend a couple of hours reminiscing about (and laughing at) some of the stories and ads in there.  You will see George Romney, the Secretary of Housing at the time, was deciding whether to run for Senate or not.  There were televisions on sale for about the same price they sell for today.  Check out the report on who got married — even better, look where they went on their honeymoon!

On Page 3, there is an editorial titled “Pollution Prospect a Chilling One.”  That is how I ended up on this archive.  A reader of our blogs and newsletters sent me a link to the most amazing website in response to the global warming article I wrote awhile back, and it led me to this article.

Right there on page 3, this 1970 editorial explains that we are all going to freeze to death, we are over-polluting the world, we should outlaw combustible engines, and – oh, by the way – it is all our fault.  We brought it upon ourselves, and there is no one else to blame.  It literally lists ways to stop the big freeze from happening, one of them being: “Controls on all the research and development to be halted at the slightest prospect of additional pollution.”

Can you imagine where we would be today if crazy ideas like that were enforced?  I can tell you, they would not be the good old days.

You know what else I remember from the 70’s?  Little kids on television commercials asking adults to “save us some gas” so they could drive when they got older because we were running out.

Does any of this sound warmly familiar?

The full website that was sent to me is if you want to check it out.