Are we becoming a nation of people who never want to take responsibility for anything? The newest attempt at a law here in Nevada is to seal eviction records for 60 days. Here is the write up from the NVAR:

Why should we keep evictions a secret? Bad tenants should be held responsible for their past.

AB107 would provide that eviction records, from the affidavit of complaint to any court order, be sealed for 60 days. The intent is to provide a tenant the opportunity to find alternate housing without the stigma of eviction proceedings showing up on their background check.

NVAR opposes this bill, as it would prevent a potential landlord from getting a complete background check on prospective tenants. Proponents of the bill have indicated that more work needs to be done on the bill and they’ve reached out to the Lobbying Team to discuss NVAR’s concerns. This bill has not been scheduled for a hearing yet.

Why should we cover for people who have been evicted?
What does that tell those in society who violate or breach their lease agreement? That it’s ok?

If a teacher abuses a child, should they get a 60-day reprieve so they can go get another teaching job before anyone finds out? I can’t, for the life of me, think of any reason a landlord would evict a tenant who doesn’t deserve it, and then tell the tenant’s new landlord about it with untruthful claims. It just doesn’t happen.

What really happens is exactly the opposite. Here is an example: Existing landlord has a horrible tenant. Tenant goes to find a new rental and the new potential landlord checks with existing landlord for a reference. Existing landlord lies and tells new potential landlord the tenant is great. Why would he do that? To get rid of the horrible tenant. As Ricky Ricardo used to say, “Aye yai yai.”