Lemonade Stand

Emma and Alex, Young Entrepreneurs Shut Down

Bureaucracy at its best. Twelve year old Emma Farrell and fourteen year old Alex Farrell were shut down as they tried to sell lemonade in front of their home in the summer of 2013.

These darn kids were only trying to earn a dollar but they didn’t consider all of the silly, nonsensical laws they needed to follow developed by those “in-the-know.” For the last five years Emma and Alex sold lemonade, slightly used golf balls, homemade cookies, and custom decorations to customers in front of their home during the Reno Tahoe Open PGA Tournament. They earned a loyal customer base that supported them over those five years and enjoyed their tremendous service.

Inspector's Notice

Inspector’s Notice to Cease Operations

The Washoe County Health Inspector told the girls’ mother that another vendor had complained because of low sales and wanted them shut down. As much as I would like to blame the inspector, it wouldn’t be fair since he is just doing his job. But should this really be  a law we have to enforce? This is where common sense must prevail.

Maybe you can argue that it is fair and square. The competing vendor that turned them in had to get a health permit and presumably followed all necessary laws, incurring more business costs than the girls did.

However, what type of message does this send these two young ambitious girls?

In the most entrepreneurial country in the world, I think we can do better.


Source: http://www.lemonadefreedom.com/2013/08/08/reno-nevada-health-inspector-shuts-down-girls-lemonade-stand/