Hughberry, our senior assisted living company, is gearing up to welcome its share of “Silver Tsunami-ites” with beautiful, private, well-staffed assisted living residences.  As the company continues to expand, we are seeking an entrepreneurial, experienced, passionate team member to lead the Hughberry “charge.”

With 10,000 people turning 70 and 4,000 people turning 85 every day, we can expect to see a record number of adults aged 70+ within the next few decades.  Our new Hughberry team member will recognize, as we do, the incredible opportunity this poses as the market need increases.

Hughberry will offer beautiful, private residences to the booming number of seniors requiring care.

Here’s what’s been happening with Hughberry.  The two operational homes that we were scheduled to buy are back and available to purchase.  One has ten bedrooms, the other has fourteen.  They are both well-run and are more closely set up like our Hughberry vision than any other facility we’ve seen.

At the time of this writing, we are also in negotiations on a beautiful, single-family home on 1 ½ acres in South Reno to which we’ll add nine rooms.  When finished, this home will have fifteen private rooms — each with its own full bathroom.  As far as shared living space, the home will include a large living room, a dining room, a library/family room, a large activities room, a movie theater, and a private spa room.  Even with all these amenities, it will still have the atmosphere of a single-family home.

Residents will receive 24/7 care with three caregivers on site during the day and one or two caregivers at night.

From the outside, this house won’t look much different from any other nice home.  In fact, if you were our neighbor and I didn’t tell you that it was a senior assisted living home, you probably wouldn’t even know.

Not only will this Hughberry residence blend in with other neighborhood homes, but these properties have little-to-no impact on the neighborhood.  If you think about it, the seniors don’t have cars, they don’t party or play loud music, they go to bed early, and they will rarely be riding their dirt bikes up and down the street to tune them up.

The home is already thoughtfully-landscaped, but we are going to make it even more special by adding walking paths that lead to nature areas for watching birds and other wildlife, sitting areas near a waterfall and pond, and most importantly, a garden area for residents who have a green thumb.

We know this is going to be an exceptional residence that will provide comfort, security, and a loving atmosphere for those who have cared for the younger generations for many years.

The future of Hughberry requires a strong team that will grow the company into its full potential.  Our Hughberry leader should be comfortable managing people and projects, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and be passionate about taking Hughberry to the next level.  Having experience in the senior living industry is a plus but is not necessary; we prefer to find someone who’s the right fit over someone who has industry experience.  Send us your best candidates for this exciting opportunity!

If you are interested in this job opportunity, check out the full job posting here: