We’re looking for a partner/business development consultant to help us build our senior assisted living business.  This is not a very structured position and can partly be what you make it.  We are really looking for a go-getter who wants to take charge and run this business in its entirety, with financial support from us.

We have already been working on this business for over a year, but there are multiple opportunities we would still like to explore.  These opportunities include but are not limited to, purchasing an existing In-Home Care business and possibly making it into a franchise, building our own In-Home Care business, purchasing a property in Reno and renovating it to be a single-family luxury senior assisted living facility, or purchasing a plot of land and building our own senior assisted living home from scratch.  We are looking for an entrepreneur who wants to take on this business and do what it takes to get it up and running.  This person must…

  • Be a go-getter who is self-motivated and thrives on being independent
  • Enjoy networking, building long-term relationships
  • Like laying the groundwork for a new business – doing the market research, etc.
  • Be extremely resourceful
  • Have experience in running a business or in business consulting
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset

We run multiple real estate investment companies, and need someone to dedicate themselves to developing this particular business.  You will have our financial support to get the business up and running, but we really need a driven and resourceful person to take charge and go build this business on their own, with occasional help from us.

**Knowledge of the health care and senior assisted living industry is a big plus, but not a requirement.

This role is extremely flexible.  Some responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Create strategic development plans to build new profitable business
  • Track and report progress with implementation of strategic plan, budgets, and ongoing forecasts
  • Perform analysis to determine opportunities in the market
  • Manage business deals from negotiation to close
  • Build and maintain long-lasting vendor relationships
  • Oversee construction and design of a senior living home

There are no benefits with this position and pay is negotiable.  Commitment to this position is also negotiable. We are open to both a full-time partner and a part-time business development consultant.

**Applicants should live in the Reno area or be willing to relocate to be considered for this position.

Are you the person we’re looking for?
Please contact Stacy Silva, at Stacy@HughesCapital.com, if you are interested in joining our team!