John Terveer uncovers the truth about reverse mortgages and how they can work for you!

This week we’re bringing you an in-depth video where experienced mortgage broker, John Terveer, debunks the myths surrounding reverse mortgages and explains how they can be a useful tool in many situations.  This video is a recording of one of Hughes Private Capital’s “InvestX” evening classes, which taught attendees how to make their money work harder for them.

Whether you attended the event and want a reminder of what we covered, or you weren’t able to make it, now you can watch the entire presentation from the comfort of your own home.  We hope you take away as many useful nuggets of wisdom as we did!

In this 54-minute video edited and released exclusively for you, you will learn:

  • Why it is a complete MYTH that reverse mortgages have a high default rate and often end in foreclosure
  • That reverse mortgages are not as expensive as you may have thought
  • How a reverse mortgage can help you or your loved ones out immensely if you are ever caught in a bind with less retirement income than you expected
  • That as the spouse of someone who has a reverse mortgage, you will NOT be thrown out of the house when your spouse passes away, as long as you have followed these simple requirements
  • How a reverse mortgage can be used as an emergency slush fund if you get injured or run into some other unfortunate and unexpected life event
  • That there are very few requirements to getting a reverse mortgage
  • How people who own their homes free and clear can use a reverse mortgage to buy themselves a motorhome, or some other fun toy for their retirement years
  • That there are very few requirements to getting a reverse mortgage
  • How a reverse mortgage acts as a line of credit that can be drawn on and paid back as you see fit
  • How you can have a reverse mortgage and still travel the world
  • Who makes money on reverse mortgages and how much they make (Hint: It’s very similar to normal mortgages)
  • How you can roll your eyes at warnings from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and potentially use a reverse mortgage as leverage to make more money

The loud background noise will completely disappear at minute 6:30, so skip ahead if you’d like!
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