I have decided to rebel against the system of stupid laws.  I am not coming to a complete stop at stop signs any more.  I am done, finished, following that law.  It is stupid and should be changed.  Eight out of ten stop signs should be yield signs OR just no sign all.  I feel like Earl Pitts on the radio when I say things like that.

Gun law picListen, it is the driver’s responsibility to yield to oncoming traffic and use common sense.  Do you know how much time we waste in a lifetime while stopping at stop signs for no good reason?  I don’t either, but it must be a lot.

Understand I am not advocating driving full speed and hoping no one is there.  It is my responsibility to slow down enough to safely merge into my proper lane.

Here is another brilliant one I just learned about the other day.

It is now a felony to possess a clip for a gun that has more than 10 rounds in it in the “never met a new law I didn’t like” state of California.  How does that work to stop any crimes?  It doesn’t and never will.  It just makes the liberals in the government feel good like they actually accomplished something.

We are going to use just simple logic here.

Let’s go way out there with this one and use a law abiding citizen that owns 50 guns.  Wow, must be a nut job if that is the case, but of course we know that isn’t true.  Well, at least this California law limits him or her to only having 10 bullets in one clip but what has that accomplished?  What is to stop them from carrying 20 clips all with 10 bullets in each one?

That is problem number one, but it doesn’t even get to the root of the real problem.  This person is a law abiding citizen and doesn’t commit crimes.

The real problem is the criminal.  What do you think the last person that went on a killing spree did before it?  I am positive he/she didn’t look up what the law was on how many bullets you could have in your clip before their despicable act of violence.

In the end, only the law abiding citizens are punished with these ridiculous laws and regulations.  You could give someone who owns 50 guns 2,000 bullet clips and he/she is not going to do anything wrong with them.  They are going to just have a whole lot of fun shooting up some targets.

But the really scary part is that other states don’t have that law.  So take a not so informed person like myself that owns two guns that I shoot about every five years for fun. I may decide to go camping and happen to cross the California border never thinking for a second I could be committing a crime.  For whatever crazy reason, I am stopped and found to have more than 10 bullets in my clip.  I just committed a felony.  Wouldn’t that be special to have to fight that charge?

As old Earl Pitts says on the radio, “Wake up America!”  Criminals are never going to go check the law on the books about all the technicalities prior to committing a crime.  Nor are law abiding citizens, who then unwittingly commit a crime because they can’t keep track of all those technicalities.   We all know what is right and wrong.  It is the act of choosing which way you will go when the time comes and not what some legislature has contrived for us all.

Do we need some protections?  Absolutely, but do we need even a 1/10th of what we have?  Absolutely not!