I was having a debate about global warming with a friend of mine that didn’t go so well for either of us.  By the end, neither one of us ever convinced the other of our point of view ― but why?  According to this Forbes article, there is one tactic ― backed by science ― that is proven to not only to be the best way to change even the most stubborn of minds, but also to increase how long others remember your argument.  

The article includes this “mind-blowing” video about audio illusions.  It’s amazing how our senses process information and how that affects our way of thinking.

Read the fascinating takeaways of the entire study in the Forbes article linked below, which shows how the idea in the video – that our comprehension can completely change from visual sensory input – applies to proving your next point or finally winning one of those arguments that never seems to end.  Ever since I started to understand how to use visuals when I am explaining something, I am blown away at how much people listen, understand, and positively respond to what I have to say

I hope you enjoy (and use!) the article that goes into the details of the research showing how and why this works, and how you can apply it in your own life.  If anything, it really is a mind-blowing study.

— Greg