Our company recently had the pleasure of winning a 2021 award from the American Institute of Investment Housing (AIIH), an organization that focuses on the importance and impact of affordable workforce housing in the U.S.  We received acknowledgment for our work in the single-family property space, and while it’s always rewarding to be recognized by our peers, the real value of this award is that it shows that we’re truly achieving our mission: to serve our community by improving housing opportunities for working-class families.

We get a lot of questions, from an investment perspective, about our chosen investment market in real estate: workforce housing, which refers to homes located in areas of the U.S. where the value doesn’t fluctuate as volatilely as they do in other places of the country (like the coasts).  But our market criteria goes far beyond the dependable returns we enthusiastically offer to our investor family.  We want to make an impact, and we know we can have the greatest impact in our chosen cities across the Midwest.

Our goal is always to help families find affordable and safe housing, especially in a market where that has become increasingly difficult.  We’ve accomplished this by purchasing sturdy homes, taking their rehabilitation seriously, and monitoring and communicating with our residents to ensure their needs are being met.  Working families deserve to have access to beautiful and prosperous neighborhoods.  AIIH believes in this too, as evident by their tagline: “By lifting others, we lift ourselves.”  I’ve always believed strongly in entrepreneurship and business as a vessel for meaningful change, and I appreciate AIIH for acknowledging the hard work of our team.  We’re excited about continuing our purpose in 2022!

If you’re interested in watching my riveting acceptance speech, you can check out the award ceremony online; the video is time-stamped at the 4:30 minute mark.