I was recently a guest on the Carolina Hard Money for Real Estate Investing podcast.  The podcast was also live streamed, and you can view the recording on YouTube or on Facebook 

Hosts Wendy Sweet, Bill Fairman, and I discussed some of our favorite investing topics, including hard money lending and the single-family home market.

The discussion with hosts, and Carolina Capital Management founders, Wendy Sweet and Bill Fairman was a lot of fun.  Carolina Capital Management is a hard money lender based in South Carolina.  Hard money lending refers to a specific type of asset-based loan financing in which the borrower’s funds are secured by property (a “hard” or tangible asset).  

Here’s an overview of what we discussed: 

• How I got started in hard money lending; 
• Why Hughes Capital buys real estate in the Midwest;  
• How we built out our team to better manage the properties we own.  (Note: I mention in the podcast that we have more than 780 doors under management, which was true at the time of recording.  At present, we have more than 810 doors under management, and that number will continue to grow.); 
• What our criteria is for selecting the homes we purchase (our “rental matrix”);
• How the single-family home real estate market is our sweet spot; 
• How and why we do 1031 Exchanges (one of my favorite topics). 

We talked at length about the single-family home market and how the multi-family market is oversaturated — meaning, there is often an overabundance of supply, whereas single-family homes are often high in demand but short in supply.  This is particularly relevant now as COVID-19 has caused many families to reprioritize, seeking out single-family homes instead of apartments so they can have a bit more living space.  (Our investor relations specialist, Jim, wrote a bit more about that trend last weekend.) 

Enjoy the episode!  Click the button below to watch the recording on YouTube.

— Greg