I would like to share an article with you that appeared in Bloomberg recently about flipping the switch on the world’s biggest factory to date, the Tesla gigafactory.  The building’s location was so affectionately referred to as the “scrubland outside of Reno, NV.”  It seems a little surreal that our very own Biggest Little City will be housing the largest factory in the world.

Tesla is taking over Nevada's desert, and we're ok with it.

Tesla is taking over Nevada’s desert, and we’re ok with it.

Back in late summer, I wrote an article about our experience taking 50 people out to the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center to meet with the visionary for the aforementioned “scrubland,” Lance Gilman.  Lance truly fits the title of “visionary” because he looked at that raw land and envisioned what it could be.  Now, I am sure it has become larger than even he could have dreamed, but dream he did, and then went to work to make it all a reality.  What a beautiful, entrepreneurial, capitalistic, American thing to do!  Lance didn’t just stop with TRIC, he approached all of Storey County, even the government entities, with the same great vision.  His hard work proved that literally everyone can come out a winner in the end, if they just work together.

I have included the first part of the article below, but because of space restraints, I included a link for you to check out the rest.  Before you read on, in the picture to the right of the article, I want to point out four new sections under construction (the red area), which is doubling the size of the factory.  That has all happened in just a few short months.  Congrats to Tesla, to Lance, and to Storey County, and thank you for putting little old Reno on the map.


Tesla Flips the Switch on the Gigafactory
by Tom Randall—January 4, 2017

The gigafactory is breaking its own record before anything else has the chance.

Musk meets a deadline: Battery-cell production begins at what will soon be the world’s biggest factory— with thousands of additional jobs.  The Gigafactory has been activated.  Hidden in the scrubland east of Reno, NV, where cowboys gamble and wild horses still roam—a diamond-shaped factory of outlandish proportions is emerging from the sweat and promises of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It’s known as the Gigafactory, and today its first battery cells are rolling off production lines to power the company’s energy storage products and, before long, the Model 3 electric car.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-04/tesla-flips-the-switch-on-the-gigafactory