In keeping with the “learning” theme of our September issue, I asked the Hughes Private Capital team to share some of the things they’ve learned about investing since they began working here. Our team lives and breathes investing, but we are always learning more! Here’s what some of them had to say:

There are two things I’ve learned from Greg that have really changed how I view investments:
1. The power of compound interest: As Einstein said, “Compound interest is the Eighth Wonder of the World.  He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.”
2. The wonderful world of non-correlated investments: A truly diversified portfolio depends on a portion of it being invested in things that are not correlated to the stock market.
Brendan Kinney, Controller

I purchased my first home three years ago and am very eager to get started with real estate investing.  To me, it seemed obvious to invest in Reno since I live here!  But getting to see the compelling data on other markets, especially the Midwest, has made me reconsider my approach to this.  It’s been helpful to learn how to measure which places and properties are the best investment.
Ashley Warren, Content Marketing Strategist


The most valuable piece of advice I have learned is diversification of investments across non-correlated assets.  So many times, I think we get stuck in the mindset of the stock market being our only viable option, and I have certainly learned there is a plethora of opportunities that can provide consistent net returns with increased security.  I know it sure has improved my portfolio.
Nate Fuller, Marketing Technologist


Since starting to work for Greg and Steve, I’ve really come to value the importance of a diverse portfolio.  My husband and I invest in the stock market but it had never occurred to me that it isn’t wise to put all your eggs in one basket that way.  I also did not know what a 1031 Exchange was — much less a 1031 Exchange with Guardian Fund.  It’s been really great to learn about that process and see firsthand how it makes people’s lives so much easier when they give up the landlord hassles!
Olivia White, Marketing Coordinator

I am always learning something new.  The most meaningful information for me, personally, was when Greg wrote about his daughter, Kayla, and her ultimate decision to rent rather than purchase a home.  From this, I learned a few things:
1. It’s okay to be a home renter instead of a home buyer.

2. It set me free from the paradox of “having to own a home.” I always felt a bit insecure about our decision not to buy in this Reno market but after reading that article I felt confident we made the right decision for our family.
3. The money we will save in interest and repairs leaves more opportunity and more money for investing.
Julie Schmidt, Account Manager

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