What size is the average lawn in your state?

Home Advisor put the statistics together, including a cool graphic with the average lawn sizes for all 50 states.  A few of the rankings might surprise you!  For example, Nevada, with all of its open space, ranks dead last with the smallest yards out of all the states.  I wouldn’t have guessed that.

You’ll be the envy of your friends the next time you get together to play some trivia game about yard sizes because you’ll know all the answers.  You’re welcome.

Ever wanted to be like the “brainiac” on Jeopardy?  Heck, maybe knowing these stats is a step closer to a win.

Below are the stats from Home Advisor.



The United States, Ranked by Yard Size

by HomeAdvisor

How big is the average lawn?

In the United States, residential lawns average 10,871 square feet (or roughly a quarter of an acre). This depends greatly on location.

For instance, the average lawn size in California is 5,575 square feet. This is calculated by taking the average lot size in CA, or 7,200 square feet, and subtracting the average home size, 1,625 square feet. Meanwhile, locals in Montana get more than an acre and a half of yard space. That’s 71,576 square feet!

See how your state’s average backyard size compares to the rest of the United States!

If you’re looking for a perfectly average backyard, you’ll likely find one in Missouri, Kansas, or Pennsylvania — all have averages close to the national average.  Backyards are one of a thousand things to consider when looking at houses, but there are plenty of reasons why one would consider a smaller lawn.  Lawn care can be costly, for instance.  Those looking for a tiny backyard should consider Arizona, California, or Nevada.

Some of this data may be surprising: People in New York get twice the amount of yard on average compared to those in California!