Using this website that can be found in every state, you might just find some “couch money” of your own.

Back in 2012, I shared a website where I discovered $700 of my own unclaimed money that I had somehow missed.  Out of curiosity, I asked everyone who used this Nevada website to anonymously share how much money they recovered through the same process and people reported a whopping total of $16,921 from the Nevada State Treasurers office.  Not bad.   What’s interesting is that the total was from only 6 people reporting what they found to me, and I assume others found money but didn’t let me know.

One of best parts is that you can also search for your friends, family, and clients so it becomes a treasure hunt of sorts.  If you didn’t go search, go do it now.  You never know!

You can find the Nevada website here, but this time, let’s take it beyond Nevada — here’s the link for California, too.  Every state should have something similar, so Google your own state’s unclaimed funds site if you live outside of NV or CA.

If you missed the post or haven’t been with us since 2012, here’s the original article with details on how you can find your “cash under the couch cushion.”

Found Money, Literally

by Greg Hughes | May 24, 2012

Have you ever put on a piece of clothing and reached into the pocket to find a $20 bill?  Found money, right?

Here is a place to go to see if you have any unclaimed property with the state of Nevada.  I was listening to the radio and heard an advertisement about unclaimed property by the state of Nevada and was reminded to checkout the website.

Now before you say, “Oh I won’t have anything there unclaimed.”  Don’t even think it.  It is unbelievable how many of us do.

Just two years ago I searched the site and found I had over $700 in some stocks that were unclaimed.  I filled out the claim and 30 days later I was $700 richer.  No kidding.

After hearing this last advertisement, I went back on it to check it again.  Darn, nothing there for me, but it is easy and actually fun to search so I started putting in names of friends and family members to see if they have anything unclaimed.

Amazingly, I found one friend had $373 from a forgotten PayPal account and then she found another $32 under her maiden name.  Another friend had some dividends from Harley Davidson for $42.

Okay, maybe you won’t get rich, but there is no reason to leave it with the state and eventually lose it.  To this day, I still have no idea why my $700 from stocks were unclaimed.

So for those of you who go to the website and check it out, will you tell me if you find anything?  It would be fun to report, anonymously of course, back to the group how much money we found.

Go to the Nevada website at and click the Unclaimed Property button.  Good luck.