Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ways I can invest in Guardian Fund?
There are multiple ways to invest: 1031 Exchange, cash, IRA, or 401K.  Regardless of how you invest, all investors receive the same benefits.  We can walk you through whatever method you choose.
How can I sell my investment property tax-free and become an investor in Guardian Fund?
Take advantage of The Guardian Solution™.  You can do a 1031 Exchange, which will save you thousands of dollars in taxes upon the sale of your investment property.  Then, use the equity from the sale to become an investor in Guardian Fund.  The majority of investors earn greater returns than they were before because they are putting the equity they have built up over the years to full use.  The best part is you’ll be diversified across hundreds of homes in the Guardian Fund portfolio, but you’ll never have to deal with landlord hassles again.
Will I be able to access the money I invested?
Yes, you can access your funds at any time.  There is NO lock-up period or penalty for withdrawal.  However, due to the illiquid nature of the investment, redeeming your investment is not instantaneous like selling a stock.  However, most redemptions can be accommodated in 30 days or less.  We are happy to explain how that works in a meeting together.
What is the minimum investment?
Can I get a monthly income from my investment?
Yes, you may choose to take the monthly profit and have it automatically deposited to your account.  You may also reinvest your monthly profits in Guardian Fund so they can compound.
Why is having a consistent return so important?

Volatility has a devastating effect on your portfolio.  As this sample diagram shows, a consistent return of 10% for 7 years doubles your money.  If there were a loss of 25% in the first year, it would take an astonishing 17.8% return for 6 years in a row to double your money.

How often do you report to investors or send out statements?
Every month, you will receive an investor update and Capital Statement.  We believe strongly in communicating regularly with our investors, and we are always available to meet in person or take your calls.
Why is this a 100% passive investment?
You want to be an investor, not a landlord.  As an investor in Guardian Fund, your only job will be to read your Capital Statement every month.  You can forget about landlord hassles forever.