We are seeking a person full-time to focus on assisting our CEO and coordinating events to attract new investors for our four investment funds.

work-with-us-we-are-hiringThis job would consist of:

  • Assisting our CEO who co-manages our four investment funds and is responsible for raising capital through investors. This will include assisting with his calendar, travel arrangements, etc.
  • Taking charge of organizing and managing ways to spoil our investors with great service, assist in attracting new investors, managing our CRM (Zoho) and most importantly following up with them on a consistent professional level.
  • Manage our once a month investor events. You will be in charge of coordinating the entire production from finding the speakers, choosing a venue, finding caterers, having a check-in process, preparing the room, and managing the follow-up schedule after each event with the attendees/investors.
  • You will be supported by our marketing team with the creative and materials needed to attract people to the events along with what is required for the following up post the event.
  • When following up, the end goal for you with potential investors is to procure a meeting or phone call with our CEO. Our goal for 2017 is to raise $10 million plus within our investment funds.

Most Important Skills for this Position:

  • Enjoy a small business atmosphere and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Self-motivation is extremely important. You will not be micro-managed.
  • Must have a professional manner over the phone, in email, and any other communication methods where you’ll be reaching out to existing and potential future investors.
  • No hesitation to make phone calls.
  • Must be extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Background in financial business and event management is a plus

More About Us:

If you love small business and growing innovative ideas, this job is for you! We are a company of only 12 employees and we are running 4 separate businesses: ROI Strategies (our real estate fund that owns rent to own and senior assisted properties), Advanced Commission (commission advances for Realtors), Hughberry (our operating side for the senior assisted living) and Assuravest and Sentinel (our two investment funds that own mortgages purchased in bulk at steep discounts).  You will be focusing on managing events and investor relations to attract investors who may want to invest in one of our funds. You will have a lot of input and responsibility in this position.  You can learn more about our various businesses here:

www.HughesCapital.com             www.AdvancedCommission.com              www.Hughberry.com

You are welcome to work at the office and also sometimes at home. We are very flexible schedule-wise. We don’t care about a set schedule as much as we care about reaching our goals. Salary is dependent upon experience. We do not provide benefits.

Please contact Kayla Hughes, at Kayla@HughesCapital.com, if you are interested in this position.