At our latest Evenings with Visionaries event featuring world-renowned architect Ed Friedrichs, we were given access to an exclusive sneak peak into the future of downtown Reno.  Friedrichs and his team at The Don J Clark Group plan to upgrade the functionality, the technology, and the reputation of our beloved city by combining two innovative strategies.

The first is the radical redevelopment of the West 2nd District.  This will create a vibrant downtown street network with pedestrian-friendly design, sustainable infrastructure, and innovative technology.  The new structures to be put in during this 6-phase building plan include two hotels, 2,000 residential units, 700,000 combined square feet of office and retail space, and plenty more of what we all know downtown needs: PARKING!

The second strategy is The Reno Streetcar! This will be a battery powered transportation system that can run in existing street lanes with the option to include off-street parking at each transit stop.  Servicing from the University campus all the way to the Convention Center, this streetcar system will enhance our downtown environment socially and economically.    

Our venue for this event, The Basement, was perfectly fitting as it embodies the collaborative culture The Reno Streetcar Coalition plans to create.  The space is a renovated 1934 post office building that now features a modern marketplace of vendors, four of which served as our caterers for the event.

Bernie Carter, a managing member of The Basement, offered our guests a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility and all of the historical features that were restored.  This look into the past was the perfect complement to the peek into the future we received in Friedreichs’ presentation.  What a unique experience!
Check out our photo gallery of the event.