Are you fascinated by automating repetitive processes, streamlining complex systems, compiling and analyzing data, and learning new tech? What about:

  • Working remotely
  • Freedom to choose your own working hours and vacation days
  • The flexibility to workout in the middle of the day, take a day off to ski, or go to lunch with a friend

But you don’t just like autonomy. You also value:

  • Working really hard, to achieve something you can be proud of
  • Working with other A-Players who challenge you to think outside of the box and do your best work
  • The freedom to bring your own ideas to fruition quickly in a small business environment
  • No one standing behind your back watching you work… a culture of trust and self-management
  • Being constantly challenged to solve unique and complex problems
  • A culture of learning and constant self-improvement. Take those courses and attend those conferences!
  • The opportunity to wear many hats… every day is something different

If any of this makes your brain buzz, you could be the golden unicorn we have been searching for. (Ok, yes, we are a little obsessed with Asana. Don’t judge.)

We are looking for a ninja in all things data/tech/systems & processes/automation/analytics to join our dynamic team. You are not required to wear black. This position includes:

  • Setting up form and web page automations
  • Managing the data, fields, workflow, and formulas in the CRM
  • Setting up reporting in the CRM and Google Analytics
  • Troubleshooting obstacles within the CRM
  • Integrating programs we use, such as the CRM, Mailchimp, texting services, etc.
  • Setting up tracking for button clicks, webpage views, video analytics, etc.
  • Tracking KPIs and important metrics
  • Management and maintenance of our complex lead source tracking system
  • Maintenance of the workflows and automation linking our CRM to our accounting system
  • Data management: procuring new data, cleaning and deduplicating data, uploading data into different programs, ongoing maintenance of data
  • Maintenance of WordPress websites

  • Basic HTML, CSS, and SQL tasks
  • Delivering regular reports to the Marketing Director and working closely with a small-knit team

Important: You do not have to be extremely experienced in these types of tasks. As long as you are resourceful, independent, and eager to teach yourself, we’re game.

This is a full-time, salaried position. Hughes Private Capital does not offer benefits, unless you count loving your job as a benefit! You will be part of the marketing team, but no marketing background is necessary. Send your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to Mention your favorite book when you send in your cover letter. That way I know you really did read through this ridiculously good looking I mean, long, job description.