Just when you think you’ve heard it all, this pops up.  I have a daily Google alert set up that searches for my name.  I’ve had this alert for about seven years now and never once has, me, the Greg Hughes, come up in the search.  That does seem a little strange now that I have written it out here, but that is the case.

The alert usually mentions a different Greg Hughes who was the Speaker of the House in Utah.  As you can imagine, he is frequently in the news.  So when the article below popped up on that search alert, I couldn’t help but read it.

I know this article doesn’t teach you anything, it’s not financially related, and it doesn’t inform you on how certain real estate markets are performing.  But it will make you slap your hand to your forehead and exclaim how some people are just nuts.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Click here to read the full article: Anti-vax mom says she gave out lollipops tainted with chickenpox for Halloween: ‘We have the packaging down pat’