Reno’s January weather may have flooded our riverbanks, but it could not rain on our parade of firsts at last week’s Evenings with Visionaries event: our first taste of Lead Dog Brewing Co.’s craft beers (before they were even open to the public), our first look into the future technology of wine distillation, and our first introduction to Hughes’ newest fund, the buy and hold fund.  Only the fascinating company in attendance could beat that lineup.

Hearing from the 22-year-old founders of Lead Dog, Ryan Gaumer and Matt Beebe, gave us all some faith in the generation of millennials. Within a year of graduating from Pepperdine University, they managed to open a functioning brewery featuring their very own craft beers in downtown Reno.  Just obtaining the correct licensure to serve beer was no easy feat, not to mention the normal obstacles of opening a business.  But they worked hard to get it done, and we can tell you first hand that the results are very tasty.

Have you ever wondered why Northern Nevada doesn’t house more wineries?  According to Greg Howard and Jeff Urmston of TrenLot, it has something to do with humidity….and some other scientific formulas we don’t need to get into.  The good news is, these two brainiacs have created a barrel monitoring device that promotes optimal conditions for distilling the perfect wine just about anywhere.  We think you’ll be seeing the TrenLot logo a lot more in the wine industry very soon.

If you missed this event, you might not have heard about our upcoming buy and hold fund. This fund will purchase 1st Trust Deeds and mortgages on single family residential homes in target markets around the U.S.  Each note represents a family that gets to take advantage of low-cost homeownership, while our investors collect a nice return.  You can expect more information about Hughes Capital’s fund in emails to come.

As always, we are so grateful to have such intelligent, creative, fun-loving people in our network!  Thank you to those who attended this latest event.  We’re brewing up something truly special for our next Evenings with Visionaries.  Stay tuned for details!