Do you think the average wage earner has to work more or fewer hours to pay for a pair of jeans today than in 1975?  The answer might surprise you. Thanks to a fascinating story shared by The National Policy Research Institute, we now know that it took 1.5 hours of work to pay for a pair of jeans in 1975, but it only takes 20 minutes today.  (By the way, if you don’t already receive NPRI’s weekly emails, you should.  Click here to sign up.)  The original story comes from the American Institute of Economic Research, based on the work of economist Donald Boudreaux.  Boudreaux wanted to see if there’s truth to the claims — usually made as a non-factual emotional cry from some politician looking for votes— that the middle class is economically stagnant.  Using the average wage in 1975 and in 2019, Boudreaux compared the hours of work needed to purchase a sampling of 400 items.  He consistently found that it takes fewer hours of work today than in 1975 to pay for the same or similar items — many by a significant margin.  Out of the 400 items compared, he found only one that costs more “hours” today than in 1975: working boots.  Makes you wonder why people are constantly complaining about how expensive things are.  Oh, yeah.  That’s just what we humans do.  But we’re lucky to have first-world problems to complain about.  Click here to read the full article.