That’s crazy. According to National Association of Realtors (NAR), 100 million Americans have a criminal record. That seems hard to believe and why does the NAR care?

It is the new buzz and directive that has come down from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with guidelines on what that means for landlords.

HUD is telling landlords that they cannot deny tenants by using a handcuffsblanket rule that they will not rent to those that have criminal records. If they do, they could be violating the fair housing laws since minorities make up the majority of criminals.  Criminals are not a protected class, but since those with criminal records are “disproportionately” represented by minorities, HUD wants to have a say in it.

The logic behind this actually makes sense. They are asking (or telling, if HUD were to ever prosecute) landlords to make a judgment call on how applicants got the criminal record, instead of just using a blanket rule to not rent to anyone with a criminal record. That makes sense, and I would suspect most landlords would do that anyway because what is the main goal for a landlord? To rent out their property!

However, if the landlord does choose to make a blanket decision and treat all that apply fairly, how is it their problem that more minorities have committed crimes, no matter how big or small? Why does it have to be a discrimination issue rather than an accountability issue?

It is just like the media saying that a “disproportionate” amount of minorities are in prison. We are going to pick on purple people for my example below.

Purple people make up 10% of the population but represent 20% of the prison population. The only problem we should be talking about here is that the purple people need to work on getting their stuff together and not have twice the amount of their population share end up in prison.

They (the media, the administration, the liberals, Bernie, Sharpton, etc.) act as if it’s the majority’s fault, the policeman’s fault, the judges’, the court system’s, everyone else’s fault. Absolutely no one gets better until they take responsibility for their actions. They constantly make excuses for the purple people instead of standing up to those that need the tough love the most.

The people that commit the crimes are constantly made out to be the victims, not the offenders. Come on! If every time one of my kids got in trouble in school, I went there and yelled at the principal, how do you think that would turn out? You guessed it, my kid would probably be one of the esteemed 100 million with a criminal record.

Lastly, as I said before, HUD’s reasoning is logical. If someone applies to be a tenant and has a criminal record, then take into account when it was and what it was for. That makes sense. But don’t tell landlords they are discriminating against minorities if they don’t look into the record. It’s the crime that should matter, not the race of the person who committed it.