Hear what our investors have to say:

The value proposition for investing in Hughes Capital goes beyond the high rate of return — the investments have very little correlation with the stock market.  As an investor, it has been difficult to find opportunities that do not follow the ebbs and flows of stocks.  Hedge funds are proving to be expensive, currently underperforming and not as “alternative” as one would like.  Hughes Capital’s investments look to be uncorrelated to the stock market.

I am also appreciative of the deep and serious research that Steve Sixberry and Greg Hughes put into their investment strategies and operations before they offer them to investors.  Their approach is detailed and skeptical.  Only time will tell on performance and correlation.  There is always risk in any investment, but I plan to stay invested.

Please do your own research and consider your financial situation, goals and risk tolerance before any investment.


Terry Oliver

Hughes Capital Investor

My husband and I have been very pleased so far.  Our monthly income has improved, and we no longer have to deal with any landlord hassles.  The 1031 Exchange process itself was relatively easy and fast.  The investment property we exchanged was an old house that required a lot of maintenance, which ate up the majority of our income.  After investing, it’s so nice to receive a check every month without worrying about how much money to set aside for mold, termites, and dry rot damage ― in addition to regular maintenance.  We are definitely coming out ahead!

Barbara and Kevin Artero

Hughes Capital Investors

I’m REALLY happy that I’m in the Hughes Capital Buy and Hold Fund.  My stocks recently took a deep dive due to COVID-19, but my investment with Hughes Capital just kept cruising along!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Before investing, I was only making about 4% to 5% on my 2 rental properties in Reno.  While they had huge capital appreciation over the years, I could not raise the rent enough to take advantage of that.  This was partly due to the rental market in Reno and partly due to the fact that when you have good renters you want to keep them, not punish them!  A 1031 Exchange with Hughes Capital was the best way to increase ROI without much work on my part, and I was able to defer $165,000 of capital gains taxes!  Our master plan is to keep our investment with Hughes Capital until we pass on and leave it to our children through our estate.  By doing this, our children can inherit the properties tax free at the current market value and they will be very well taken care of.

My wife and I spent a lot of time managing our own properties.  It wasn’t overbearing in general, but it was still a drag on our time and a constant worry that something would go wrong.  You know there will be expenses coming, things breaking, tenants misbehaving — and it always hangs over your head and sits in the back of your mind.  Not healthy.  Now I don’t even have to think about it.  Worry free works for me!

The first 1031 Exchange I completed was quite an exercise — and rather stressful and expensive — mostly because Hughes was just starting out and finding the right employees, partners, and servicers.  But the Hughes Capital crew was at our side every step of the way.  If I had questions Stacy could not answer, I could talk to Steve or Greg directly.  Try that with any other fund!  The second 1031 Exchange went much smoother.  I would do it again.  Bottom line advice to others: just let the Hughes team lead you through it, and life will be fine!

I spent a lot of time researching Hughes Private Capital, Greg and Steve, and everything I could find related to the company, current and past.  I attended the seminars and drank their wine.  I talked to them personally.  I found a few friends that grew up locally and knew Greg when he was younger, and they vouched for him as an honest and respected person.  I really like that Hughes is local; it seems much safer and more personal that way, but something like this is still scary when you are talking huge sums of money and a good chunk of your retirement nest egg.  So, I dipped my toe in first by investing some cash into the Buy and Hold Fund to see how that went and found that worked nicely.  Next, I 1031’d one property to see how that went.  Then I did my second property.  All done now, mission accomplished.  I have steady monthly income at a very good rate, and I don’t do anything but smile.

Steve and Sandy Miller

Hughes Capital Investors

We’ve had a very positive experience so far with our Secured Portfolio.

We owned a rental property in Reno that brought in $1,200 a month in rental income, but the money we put in our pocket at the end of the day was always less than that after paying the annual property tax, sewer, and garbage.  We also had to pay for, and handle, repairs and maintenance ― we even mowed the lawn weekly to ensure the property was well maintained.  Through the Hughes Capital 1031 Exchange on that property, we now earn $1,865 per month in completely passive rental income.

I guess our biggest compliment would be that after we cautiously went through the 1031 Exchange process and made our first investment with Hughes Capital, we now plan to invest additional funds with Hughes Capital in the future.  By nature, I am a somewhat conservative investor, but we still invest in the stock market through index funds and bond portfolios  ― and will continue to do so.  Our Secured Portfolio investments through Hughes Capital complement our other investments and provide a desired level of stability to our overall portfolio.

Although I did not know Greg Hughes well before we invested, I had interacted with him through our mutual business interests 20+ years ago, and he always struck me as hard working and ethical.  That was probably one of the main things that prompted us to take a chance with Hughes Capital.  That, and the fact that real estate is a fairly reliable and tangible investment.

Ryan and Shonee Hansen

Hughes Capital Investors

I have known Greg for over 15 years, and have worked with him on several businesses.  I was one of the first investors on board, because I know how smart he is!  True to form, I have more than doubled my money since investing about 10 years ago.  I get monthly reports on the growth of the my investment and can communicate by phone or email with Greg or Steve.  They have the highest integrity and run their funds with complete visibility.  I highly recommend investing in Hughes Capital.  It’s the best investment decision I have ever made.

Alice Heiman

Hughes Capital Investor

My wife and I purchased two rental properties about 20 years ago.  During that period, it took a lot of time — and quite a bit of money — to keep them rented.  Then I heard about Hughes Capital.  It sounded too good to be true, but what could we lose by looking into it?  Greg was buying dinner, so we went and listened intently.  I kept hearing one thing: it all revolved around preserving principal while still providing a better than average return.  We sat down with Greg one more time, then sold one of our rentals and completed a 1031 Exchange to invest with Hughes Capital.  The first year wasn’t without a few changes; the company was growing and with each change our investment became more secure.  After the first year, we sold our second rental and invested the sale proceeds with Greg as well.  Each time we more than doubled our net profit, and that is on top of what we were able to save in taxes through the 1031 Exchange.  Now we have the freedom to leave town without the possibility of renter emergencies.  This unique investment answers the questions and fills all the voids for landlords.  It has become my number one investment recommendation to family and friends.  We feel better about the next 20 years than we did before.


Mike and Analisa Jones

Hughes Capital Investors

We did a 1031 Exchange on our condo and it was a very smooth and easy transition to invest in Hughes Capital from there.

We went from making $1,200 per year on a condo to $1,200 per MONTH, while also eliminating the hassles of being a landlord.

This is great “mailbox money.”  The process was simple, and the investment has been rewarding.

Buzz and Caroline Harris

Hughes Capital Investors

All investments have risk and require due diligence.  I attended one of the live seminars hosted by Hughes and then proceeded to have numerous meetings and one-on-one conversations with Greg and “Six Pack” Steve (as I like to refer to him).  They explained the nuts and bolts of the Secured Portfolio option, and all their answers to my questions were direct and transparent.  I really appreciated the honest discussions and how their team made the 1031 Exchange process simple and seamless.

I am very pleased that I found a way to exchange my California investment property through a 1031 Exchange tax deferral program that requires no landlord responsibilities on my part, and provides a HIGHER monthly net return than I was previously earning.

California has a voracious appetite for collecting every dollar they can get from your real estate transactions.  Between the massive 10% they steal from your sale proceeds and the $105 annual “rental inspection program” city-specific fee, it seems like every time I turn the corner California is nickel and diming me for owning real estate.  Doing a 1031 Exchange through Hughes Capital allowed me to avoid paying taxes on the sale of my property and forget about all those fees that really add up in the end.

Since Hughes Capital pays for all expenses associated with my properties, I’m finally able to plan for the future without having to factor in possible rent loss, unforeseen repairs, or normal upkeep.  The only thing I have to do now is deposit my check from my set monthly income, which nets a higher return than what I was previously earning.

Ken Koeppe

Hughes Capital Investor

I have land, I have real estate, I have some money in the stock market, and I recently invested in your Buy and Hold Fund.  What I really like about it is that you’ve found a niche that is too small for the big players to really want to look at.  You’ve created a real win-win in my opinion where you’re really helping the economy, and you’re helping people.  I believe in what you are doing.  I think it is a very clever and smart thing you’ve created.  And so that is why I’ve invested in it, and I’ll probably continue to put more money in as time goes on.  You get reasonable returns, and as an investor I’m looking for risk (How much risk do I have? What are my returns?) and liquidity, quite frankly.  Things come up in life.  You might have big bills that come out of left field, and all of the sudden money that you had invested you need to pull out of investments.  If it’s not a liquid investment and you have to sell it immediately, you’ll take a [loss] on it…. You’ve really thought it out quite well and I applaud you for that.  I think it’s going to be very successful.”

Steve Mestre

Hughes Capital Investor

I want to thank Greg for the great returns on my investment.  I have known Greg Hughes for 30 plus years and I have always watched him perform with integrity, which is why I trust him with my money.  I never look for a killing on my money.  Instead, I look for a nice return with what I consider low risk.  So far, so good – in fact, better!  Thanks for the opportunity to take advantage of this once in a lifetime market.  Greg seems to have knack at finding the great real estate deals.

Bob Christensen

Hughes Capital Investor

At 55 years of age, I have spent a good deal of my life doing the typical investing: the routine 401K, standard retirement plans, and, of course, the volatile stock market.  As with anybody interested in seeing their money grow, parking it in the bank was no longer an option, since bank interest has become a joke for what seems like an eternity now.  I needed something a little more aggressive, but wanted to invest in an area where I had some knowledge, and that was real estate.  Having a business to run, I just didn’t have time to research the buying and selling of homes.  That is when a friend told me about Hughes Capital.  Since they specialize in buying homes, I figured, “let them do the work that I don’t have time to research.”  I started with Hughes over five years ago.  They are a good group of people who send out a monthly newsletter that keeps you abreast of what they are doing with your money.  There is no nonsense, no hype.  They just tell you like it is — what went right and what may have gone wrong, over the prior month.  I opted for the monthly distribution of my earnings, and the funds have showed up like clockwork from the very first month.  When you have any questions, unlike most of society today, these folks return your phone calls.  If you’re looking for a place to invest your hard-earned money, I recommend Hughes Capital.

Elliot Epstein

Hughes Capital Investor

Hughes Capital has opened up great opportunities for investors like me who do not conform to traditional investing.  I have grown very fond of your team and appreciate your true professionalism and transparency — something you don’t see very often in the world of traditional investing.

Sami Zamzam

Hughes Capital Investor

I applaud Greg and Steve for doing business in such a personable way.  That is something you just can’t get from Wall Street.  They’re available by phone or email and constantly give me updates and reports so I am never left in the dark.  I have access to any information I want so that I feel comfortable with my investments.  After having had a frustrating experience with a fund manager I was never able to get ahold of, I fully appreciate the hard work Greg and Steve put into communicating with their investors.  I look forward to watching my investment grow with Hughes Capital.


Denis Dagoff

Hughes Capital Investor

I met Greg Hughes over fourteen years ago when we were on the Reno Junior Achievement Board of Directors.  In 2011, I made my first of a number of investments with Hughes Private Capital, and more recently my business partner and I provided capital for business expansion.  I am pleased that several of my investments have matured and have done well.  In addition to a solid financial return, Greg’s company has always operated in a very professional manner.  Reports are timely and payments are always made when due.


Tom Baker

Hughes Capital Investor

We have known Greg and Steve since 2012.  We began investing with them in 2016 and have since invested in 4 other Hughes Capital investment options.  Over the past year, we have gotten to know the rest of the team as well and have nothing but great things to say.  Communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship, and the team at Hughes Private Capital always does what they say they are going to do.  We are quite happy with our returns and look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with the Hughes Team.


Cliff and Joan Hartwell

Hughes Capital Investors

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