This is a text from our youngest son Dexter at 10:32 pm his time in London, England to my wife, Tanja:

“Just arrived but haven’t heard from the person that I am supposed to stay with tonight yet.  Trying to find another place but only have Wi-Fi for an hour here at the airport.”

Picture of Dexter

My son, Dexter, in London.

Next text at 11:12 pm:

“I might have found a place to stay.  I am leaving the airport and will let you know when I get there.”

Now, you can imagine the panic in my wife’s head when she read his last text, knowing she was losing contact with him at that moment.  It probably sounded like when the TV stations used to shut down for the night 40 years ago.  Remember?  The TV would just play static noise with that constant annoying beep sound and a technicolor picture on the screen.  She wasn’t going to sleep that night until she knew Dexter was safe and sound.

And where was I?  Like a good father, asleep in bed.

Recently, Dexter returned home from being in Germany for 8 months. He traveled to 5 different countries, sometimes by himself and other times with a friend.  London was one of his last stops.

The world is so accessible today that we can travel without too much to hold us back besides time and money.  Even as I write this, I sit in a hotel room in Kiev, Ukraine waiting for my sleeping wife to awake so we can go see some of the sites this city has to offer.

Maybe when we arrived last night in Kiev, we should have sent a text to Dexter telling him we weren’t sure if we could find our hotel.  But, somehow I don’t think it would have kept him up all night like it did when roles were reversed.

The point is, the world is getting smaller for all of us.  Just 9 months ago I had two different Skype calls in the same week with American citizens in other countries.  One was living in Japan and the other in Israel.  The fact that this can even happen says so much about modern technology.

So, why am I in Kiev, Ukraine?  Good question.  We have a business relationship with an American citizen who raises money from high net-worth individuals here in the Ukraine, as well as Russia and other eastern bloc countries.  He has an investor who is ready to invest into our notes fund, Assuravest, but wanted to meet us face to face.  We decided to make the trip here to meet him and other interested investors, and to take in the experience.  Any excuse to travel out of my comfort zone is a good excuse to me.

I will report more on the results of this trip when we get back.  In the meantime, when do you think Tanja got to go to sleep after receiving that text from Dexter?  She finally did around 5:30 am.  There is way more to the story than you would care to read about, but it was one LONG night of obstacles for our 17 year old Dexter.  In the end, he learned a lot, he survived, and now he has great story to tell.

As my Dad says, “That’s one of the parts he will remember most out of all those trips.” And you know he is right.