Last week you listened to me get worked up about today’s lack of personal responsibility and the government’s tendency to feel like they have to provide housing for people. This week I’ll lighten the mood with a story about how some true Americans are still displaying personal responsibility despite all the handouts and various government programs offered to them!

Dude's BBC Sauce 2

Two Jars of Exquisite BBQ Sauce

As I am working in my home office on a Saturday, a man shows up at my door. He is the same guy that comes by about every two or three months. His wife makes all different types of delicious BBQ sauce. He always has new ones for us to try and they are tasty.

He drives a truck for a living, but when he is not on the road, he is knocking on people’s doors selling his wife’s BBQ sauces. Now that is taking personal responsibility for his livelihood! He could have just as easily stayed at home, complained loudly about how he doesn’t make enough money, and watched a football game or two.

Because I admire him, I usually buy two jars from him every time for $25 whether I need them or not. I am sure you would do the same!

Now for a little math. For two jars, I would guess his costs are less than $5 in total (jars, ingredients, gas for the car). The time it took to make them and sell them was probably less than 20 minutes. That makes for a net profit of $20 per two jars. Multiply that by three since it can be done three times in an hour, and that’s $60 an hour! Not too shabby. If he sells 2 jars to 100 households, that is $6,000 he is pocketing a few times a year, which I am sure is tax free income.

They may be making an extra $20,000 to $30,000 a year all because they have taken personal responsibility for themselves!   It just warms my heart.