After the chaotic whirlwind that was 2020, 2021 was a welcome sight – although this year, like most, still had its fair share of hardships for people.  Overall, though, I feel very grateful and can say that 2021 was a year of growth in every way!  Here are a few highlights from the year:

• The Hughes Capital team expanded by a lot.  Just a few years ago, we had a couple dozen team members, and now we are well over 100… and still growing!  We welcomed new rockstar team members from all over the country, and are gearing up for our first in-person company day soon.  This will bring our employees from all different locations and fields (ranging from real estate and rehab to marketing and sales) together in one place.  It will be great to finally meet these folks in person after months of online video chats.

• To accommodate the growth of our team, we moved into another building here in Reno.  We still have our main headquarters at 5440 Louie Lane, but you might have seen another Reno address on Riggins Avenue pop up from time to time.  It’s been great to have some extra space for more team activities, like our spacious multipurpose training room:

We also have our remote team members out in the field throughout the Midwest.  As we meet demands for more properties and rehabs, our team members with their boots on the ground (evaluating, purchasing, and managing our real estate in the Midwest) have also begun expanding their office spaces to accommodate their growing teams.  We have two new spaces in Cleveland, Ohio, and Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Cleveland Krch Realty office.

• In personal news, I got my pilot’s license, which has been a lifelong dream of mine.  When I can, I’m out on the airfield flying around the West Coast with my family.

• The Hughes family grew this year, too; we welcomed baby Arlo!  Arlo is my first grandchild and the son of my daughter, Kayla, and her husband, Will.  As you can imagine we are already crazy in love with the little guy, and I can’t wait to teach him all of the fun “grandpa life lessons.”

Kayla, baby Arlo, and Will.

And of course, many new investors have joined the Hughes Capital family this year.  Whether you’ve been with us for a while, or you are just getting to know us, thank you all for being a part of our year, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

— Greg