Kansas City is one of the cities in America’s Heartland where we invest — and is one of the top cities for economic growth.

A recent article by HouseCanary reported on the top 50 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) for price growth in Q1 of this year.  Seven cities where Guardian Fund purchases homes (in the Heartland of America) made the list.  That is good news, but that’s not what we are really interested in since our properties don’t go up or down much in value.

What we really like to see with our cities on these lists is that they have the best cash flow and net returns.  Out of the top 13 cities, Guardian Fund buys in seven of them.  They are as follows:

*EGY is the effective gross yield.  Here is the explanation from the HouseCanary report for EGY:

“HouseCanary’s quarterly Canary Rental Index (CRI) explores rent return across the country; we examine how rental yield varies from state to state by pinpointing the effective gross yield (EGY) that investors can expect on average in any given state. The EGY calculation includes rental expenses (like the price of the home and state and local tax levies), then determines what kind of return on investment a rental investor can expect given the local fair-market rental value of homes.”

These are the other 6 that round out the top 13 for EGY:

To see the full report, click here to download the PDF.