Be an Investor,
Not a Landlord

with a Hughes Capital 1031 Exchange

  • Sell your investment property, tax-free, through a 1031 Exchange
  • Invest the equity from the sale in a Secured Portfolio (a 100% passive investment with no landlord hassles)
  • Double the investment income you're earning now (because you’d be putting your previously underutilized equity to work)

Many investors are surprised by their large tax bill when they go to sell their investment property.

Use our 3-minute calculator to find out how
much you can save in taxes, and how much more
money you could be earning, if you put every dollar of the equity you’ve built up over the years to work.


Estimate Your
Tax Savings ?

How much did you originally purchase your property for?


How much money did you spend on capital improvements, if any?


How much could you sell your property for today?


How many years have you owned your property?



?+ Recaptured Depreciation Tax:

$ 0

+ Federal Capital
Gains Tax:

$ 0

+ State Capital Gains Tax:

$ 0

Total Taxes Saved with
a 1031 Exchange

$ 0

How much more money could you
be earning?

You’ve already saved $000,000 in taxes!  Now you have $000,000 in sales proceeds to invest. Let’s assume an annual 8% compounded net return.  Use the calculator below to see how your money will grow by compounding over the years.


Invest Your $000,000


Money in
Your Pocket:

$ 0

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