Vegas homesI always take these types of lists for what they are worth. It is rarely easy to know if one city is better than another, with so many contributing factors.  But, sometimes lists like these can provide some good guidelines as to where look.  Our main buying metro, Las Vegas, makes the list at #9 and we know we like Dallas for all types of reasons.

Using criteria such as home purchase prices, appreciation, and rental prices, here are the 10 best cities for investment in 2015. Below that is a list of 10 cities where real estate investment is a riskier bet.

The best places to invest and the percentage of return:

  1. Dallas: 19.5% return.
  2. Denver: 18.9% return.
  3. Miami: 18.6% return.
  4. Houston: 18.5% return.
  5. Atlanta: 16.5% return.
  6. Tampa, Fla.: 16.4% return.
  7. Detroit: 16.2% return.
  8. Austin, Texas: 15.6% return.
  9. Las Vegas.: 15.3% return.
  10. Orlando, Fla.: 14.9% return.

These are the cities where investing may not be a good option:

  1. Hartford, Conn.: 4.4% return.
  2. Salt Lake City: 5.4% return.
  3. Louisville, Ky.: 5.7% return.
  4. Milwaukee: 5.9% return.
  5. Washington, D.C.: 6.4% return.
  6. Los Angeles: 6.5% return.
  7. Baltimore: 6.7% return.
  8. New York: 7.1% return.
  9. Boston: 7.4% return.
  10. Birmingham, Alabama: 7.7% return.

Source: BiggerPockets Real Estate Investment Market Index and Daily Real Estate News  Monday, October 26, 2015