Steve spent over 25 years in the wireless industry which began in the US Air Force in beautiful Alaska.  After returning to civilian life, he partnered in a small communications company and grew the business to span six western states before successfully selling the company to the major wireless carrier Sprint/Nextel.

Since entering the finance and real estate business, Steve has profitably bought, sold, managed, and financed over $51 million in real estate assets.

Greg Hughes, Founder & CEO

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April 5th or 11th, 5:30-7:00 PM 

Be an Investor, Not a Landlord

Find out how you can invest in rental homes that are 100% managed for you, while earning consistent net returns of 9% to 12%.

Hosted by Hughes Private Capital

When Greg was only nineteen, he made his first real estate investment: he bought three houses on a half-acre lot, living in one and renting the other two.  After learning the value of a smart investment strategy, he partnered to build several commercial buildings from the ground up which he still owns and manages today.

Over the last ten years, Greg has raised over $86 million and has profitably bought and sold 300 single-family residences in 22 states.

An educational, informal evening with wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres!

The Club at ArrowCreek



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Learn how to...

* Consistent net returns... of 9% to 12%

* Pure cash flow model... that doesn’t rely on appreciation to be successful

* 100% passive investment... we manage the homes for you

* Principal protection... through healthy rent ratios and minimal downside risk

* Non-correlated investment... to the stock market for your portfolio’s diversification

* Best housing category... available for investors

* Use your IRA or 401(k)... to invest

* Tax-free capital gains... when you exchange your investment property

If these benefits appeal to you, please join us to learn more!

Over wine and hors d’oeuvres...
Find out how we are able to produce

80% more in monthly cash flow with lower risk for investors,

“We spend countless hours stress-testing our funds to provide the highest ROI possible with the greatest safety.  We feel confident that this fund will rival or even surpass the performance of all the investments we have offered over the last decade.” -- Greg Hughes, CEO, Hughes Private Capital


The Club at ArrowCreek

April 5th or 11th




Wine and Hors D'oeuvres

"Be an Investor, Not a Landlord" Presentation

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Together, Steve and Greg co-manage five investment funds...

Guardian, LLC, which purchases single-family residential homes in target markets in the U.S. and provides them as fully-managed rentals for investors; 

Assuravest, LLC, which purchases non-performing notes in bulk at a steep discount; 

ROI Strategies, LLC, which owns homes in the single-family market with a rent-to-own model and high-end senior assisted living;

Sentinel, LLC, which purchases re-performing mortgages on single-family homes; and

Velocity, LLC, which provides advances to real estate agents across the U.S. on a portion of their commissions.

Steve Sixberry, Founder & COO

A real estate and investment author and finance strategist, Greg has been a regular guest on Nevada Real Estate Radio, Money Watch Channel 2 News with Kristin Remington, The Blend in Las Vegas, and has been a speaker at the Small Balance Real Estate Summits.

Greg was born and raised in Reno, where he lives with his wife, Tanja, of 30 years.  They have four children – Kayla, 26, Hayden, 24, Tate, 21, and Dexter, 20. He enjoys golf, tennis, pickleball, and snow skiing.

Hughes Private Capital, Hughberry Senior Living, and Advanced Commission.

...and co-run three operational companies:

Steve, his wife Jill of 35 years, and their two grown children, have called Northern Nevada home for the last 29 years.  A passionate archery hunter, hiker, and fly fisherman, Steve’s love of outdoor activities keeps him quite busy.  We don't mind, as he seems to have some of his best ideas out in the middle of nowhere.

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Wine and Hors D'oeuvres


"Be an Investor, Not a Landlord" Presentation


Questions and Answers

The Club at ArrowCreek

April 5th or 11th, 5:30-7:00 PM 

comparing our chosen housing market with Reno real estate.

April 5th or 11th

5:30-7:00 PM 

Find out how you can invest in rental homes that are 100% managed for you, while earning consistent net returns of 9% to 12%.

HERE.Reserve my seat.Reserve my seat.

“It has not been a sales pitch, and you don’t have to be some 'power investor' to come here.  You’re just somebody who’s looking to provide for yourself and your family.”  --Doug Rawson, Business Owner

I want to make sure my money is safe, that I won’t lose my money, and I’m looking for returns.  Greg’s investment opportunities have all of that.  He’s protecting his investors and creating a real win-win in my opinion.” -- Steve Mestre, from our family of investors

“I have known Greg Hughes for 30 plus years and I have always watched him perform with integrity, which is why I trust him with my money.  I never look for a killing on my money but a nice return with what I consider low risk.  So far, so good – in fact, better!” -- Bob Christensen, from our family of investors

Our events are friendly and informative . . .

. . . and we care about our family of investors.

An educational, informal evening with wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres!

when you exchange your investment property

* Tax-free capital gains... 

* Use your IRA or 401(k)... 

to invest

*Best housing category... 

available for investors

*Non-correlated investment... 

to the stock market for your portfolio's diversification

through healthy rent ratios and minimal downside risk

*Principal protection... 

we manage the homes for you

*100% passive investment... 

that doesn't rely on appreciation to be successful

*Pure cash flow model... 

of 9% to 12%

*Consistent net returns... 

Our events are  friendly and informative. . .

Greg and Steve are both stand-up guys.  I know them very well, and I trust them implicitly.  I would encourage my friends and family to invest with Hughes Capital.” -- John Terveer, Owner of CTC Financial

Here are a few more words from our friends  and family of investors:

“These events are too valuable to be kept a secret!” -- Marty Jensen, Leader in Comprehensive Wealth Management  

“[Investing with Hughes Capital] is the best investment decision I have ever made.” -- Alice Heiman, from our family of investors

I got so much perspective on structuring my investments in a more efficient way.  It wasn’t the traditional, run-of-the-mill investment information.” -- David Marks, Business Owner and Real Estate Investor

You don't have to be some big-shot investor to attend the events. I learned a lot and felt like I fit right in.” -- Norman Thompson, Retired U.S. Veteran

Be prepared to learn something that will change your life in a positive way!“ -- Brian Wheeler, Financial Advisor

There is no nonsense, no hype.  They just tell you like it is.  I opted for the monthly distribution of my earnings, and the funds have shown up like clockwork from the very first month.  When you have any questions, unlike most of society today, these folks return your phone calls.” -- Elliot Epstein, from our family of investors